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Sofia Milos is Skeleton in the Bikini

Beauty pageant is only for young women. Please, note it. And, I think Sofia Milos already knew when she was a teenage. She seemed to understand that her elderly age would look so painful with wrinkled skins and absolutely, breast implants. Such conviction made this Swiss woman enter a local beauty pageant. Great result that she won first prize and went on to win the provincial, regional and national contests as well.

I am telling you one more time, it was a long time ago, when Milos was a teenage queen. Now, as you see on the photos taken in Miami (Sep, 11), Milos is merely a skeleton in the bikini. Well, hate is a strong word, but I really really really don’t like a skeleton in bikini. It would frighten me by nights, no matter how sexy the bikini is. I mean it.

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