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Natalya Neidhart Should Take Off the Wrestling Clothes

Natalya Neidhart is great at wrestling, you already know that. However, you should’ve known that she is even much greater at posing.

Neidhart was on a beach spot for a bikini photo-shoot (Sept, 1). The pink color was a nice pick but the Hawaiian garland, ehmmm, I don’t like that. It would make Neidhart look like a guest; someone who visited the beach for quite a short time and left it because she had to go back to work. In fact, I know you want her so bad to be on that beach for the whole day. Yeah, I think you all agree that Neidhart looks better in bikini than in wrestling clothes.

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Posted by Trixie, Sep 29th, 2010 Share

One Response to “Natalya Neidhart Should Take Off the Wrestling Clothes”

  1. choppa Says:

    she has the hottest body out

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