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Nonami Takizawa: A Bikini or Semi-Nude Model?

If this is your first time to know Nonami Takizawa, I’ll tell you that she is a Japanese ‘gravure idol’ whose face (and body) often appears in men’s magazines. What the heck is that? A Japanese term to refer to swimsuit/bikini model. See?

Now let’s take a look at what I’ve got here. Do you see any bikini likewise a swimsuit? At all, because all you can see is a bunch of semi nude photos of this gravure model. And I do believe every picture is worth a thousand words which come into your mind and suddenly you find out that those words are neither ‘bikini’ or ‘swimsuit’.

Well, I think there’s a huge mistake made by Japanese people regarding the definition of ‘gravure model’. Are they trying to hide the real meaning of it because they’re ashamed that in fact, they also have the original Asian version of American Playboy Playmates?

Now, look at these results I’ve searched around the web. Gravure models are:

Japanese models who often pose in bikinis and other provocative clothing for photo spreads in magazines aimed largely at men. They are known for their large breasts and suggestive poses. However, they do not pose nude or perform sexually explicit acts in their work. The term comes from photogravure, a type of printing process.


Even without those descriptions, Nonami Takizawa’s photos on ‘Grand Finale’ magazine (Aug 19) have already explained what ‘gravure idol’ is. The web description is only to assure you that this writing is academically logical ;) .

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Posted by Trixie, Aug 25th, 2010 Share

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