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No More Gay Jokes on American Idol

Now that openly gay Ellen DeGeneres has joined the judges’ panel on American Idol, the powers that be have instructed everyone to cut out any gay jokes, especially the ones between Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest. National Enquirer reports (via Celebitchy):

“Simon and Ryan have had their fun poking at each other’s sexuality for eight seasons now, even though neither one of them is gay. “With an openly gay woman coming on board, an effort is being made to make her feel welcome,” a source divulged. “Simon’s been told, and to a lesser extent Ryan too, that the act is played out anyway, so no more ribbing each other about being gay. The ‘Idol’ bosses don’t want it.” Simon has ribbed Ryan mercilessly about his sexuality for years, even advising him to “lose the beard” when he briefly dated actress Teri Hatcher. Meanwhile, Ryan has joked that Simon is a cross-dresser. “Idol” boss Simon Fuller was never fond of the gay joshing, according to another source, but the show’s former producer Nigel Lythgoe thought it was hilarious. “Nigel thought the gay talk was over the heads of most of the kids who watch the show,” the source told The Enquirer. “But Simon (Fuller) says with Ellen coming on board, he wants it stopped.””

This post is also known as “We’re Just Kidding, Ryan Seacrest is Totally Gay,” and “Had To Squeeze That Last Gay Joke in There While We Could Because Nobody is Going to Watch This Soon To Be Canceled Gay Show Anymore.”

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