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British People Think Britney Spears is the Best Mom

According to a UK poll, British people think Britney Spears is the best celebrity mother. Never mind the fact that she’s still too retarded to take care of herself so her father is still her legal babysitter, and she’s still not allowed to have full custody of her kids or visit them without supervision. Daily Dish reports:

“She received a mammoth 74 percent share of the vote in a new poll by U.K. company Park Christmas Saving to find the best mother in show business. Following in second place is Spears’ childhood rival, Christina Aguilera, who pulled in 12 per cent of the votes, while mother-of-six Angelina Jolie was in third.”

Good grief, how low are the parenting standards in the UK? According to this poll, the shittier parent you are, the more they praise you. I’ve never been to the UK, but it would be an interesting visit. I picture babies nailed to walls with dart board targets painted on their stomachs, toddler aged bank robbers, elementary school aged pimps and hos working the playground, and maternity wards with full bars and topless pole dancing nurses. Actually, that last one is a pretty damn good idea.

Britney (without her kids, as usual) a couple days ago in Beverly Hills:

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Posted by Jenny, Oct 15th, 2009 Share

2 Responses to “British People Think Britney Spears is the Best Mom”

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  2. rza113 Says:

    What a disgustingly racist report, this magazine that did the so called report is used by about 1% if that of the UK and the kind of morons that complete this surveys are the kind of idiots you would find on your Jerry Springer show, so don’t make your opinion on England on some moronic quiz! babies nailed to walls. You tosser.

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