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Arnold Schwarzenegger is Anti-Paparazzi

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is helping clog an already overburdened court system by signing a bill which will make it easier for celebrities to sue media outlets. MSNBC reports:

“A statement issued Monday says the former “Terminator” star had signed a number of bills, including the amendment to a decade-old law that allows fines against paparazzi who illegally or offensively take photos or recordings. The amendment permits lawsuits against media outlets that pay for and make first use of material they knew was improperly obtained.”

Specifically, they’re talking about photos like the ones below — where a skank like Britney Spears goes to L.A. paparazzi hotspots without underwear, and if she thinks the photos are unflattering, she’ll sue everyone who shot, sold, and showed them. Really, it should be the other way around. We should be able to sue Britney for going out like this and flashing her butt-haired, toilet paper residue having snatch all over the place. True story, I died twice while revisiting the photos below.

NSFW Biohazard:

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